Spoon N1 Muffler?

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I was wondering if someone can help me out here. I was wanting to get a spoon N1 muffler. But i have a base/premium i have heard that it will not fit. Can someone clear this up for me. My local shop has one for a good deal. He has 2 of them. If i get someone else to get one too maybe the price will be cheaper.

which car do you have?

if the muffler/rear section is meant for your car, then it will fit. i can't be sure if a 5th gen will fit on your car, because spoon usually offers the entire midsection.

please be more specific.

I have a RSX base/premium model. I just have heard that the spoon N1 muffler works only on the type-s model only? Can you help me out on this. If you can that would be great.