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i think that goes for everyone mang .... sorry
Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Nov 13 2002, 03:40 PM
i think that goes for everyone mang .... sorry

dude next time, if you have something this good, also post it on a site that the members actually have money
will fit a type r intake manifold, and p30 intake manifold i think.

won't really work on gsr intake manifold...was designed for itr...
i know it'll fit the p30 IM and the pr3 from a sir I

i thought the jdm b18c was the ITR one... or is that the b18c-R oh well too much shit to remember these days
no no no no no, you are all making the same mistake that cost me $350 :( i bought this thing off him, and didn't realize its for the RSX type R and the new Civic Type R 02+ so now i'm stuck with this TB that is not for my car.... :bash: fucking shit, hopefully i can get what i bought it for :(
whew, sold it today, got my money back... now to find another TB :P the right one this time