Spoon Ventuli Plate

I am in the process of a building up a B-series vtec engine and I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the Spoon Ventuli plate?
Your responses are greatly appreciated.:worthy:


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from what I have heard, the hondata gasket works better. The Venturi gasket is almost a restrictor. IMO save your money, go with the hondata street gasket.


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And Hondata is only $65 shipped. If we could get someone to work on a group buy for us, it may be cheaper. coughJDMILANcough


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the venturi/ventuli plate, whatever its called, is supposed to provide a tade more umphff in the midrange........i am talking like maybe 1 pony if that even.

hondata :thumbsup:


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the reviews i keep hearing from people who have tried it is "its crap" or "not worth it"