Spring Break Tuner Bash! Wooo Wooo

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OK, here we go.
1. Gavin's EG hatch, 210 NA on the dyno
2. B16A2 snail powered, nitrous show car
3. Shiny Acura CL
4. HKS Drag Supra
5. The nicest hatch I've seen in my life, it's been at a lot of shows.
6. It's H22A powerplant
7. Snoop Dogg's lo rida
8. My buddy's GSR
9. The chik who owned this thing was so damn hot. The car is completely shaved and the license plate if you can't read it says, "I SHAVE." And guess what? She does to :)
10. Greddy turbo'd Toyota Scion
11. ITR, biggest grounds I've ever seen
12. SR20 powered 240SX
13. Nice ass rex. It had like 20 different splitters all over it though.
14. The "BIG" one.
15. Boosted, nitroused, hard top S2K
16. Lo Rida on spreewells.
17. Beautiful BMW M3
Unfortunately no hot ass chicks in Bikinis like I was promised by Super Street. But you guys shoulda seen it, when the sun went down, the neons came on.
s13- bad ass
snoop's ride- bad ass
the rest of the cars - holy i watched too much fast and furious batman :)

You know, I found it kinda dissapointing, there weren't nearly as many JDM cars that I was hopin to see. Now that I think of it though, I did take a pic of a ill S2k w/ TE-37's, I wonder what happened. That box-truck thing is comin to the states, read it in the paper this morning.
you can buy hondas version of the box truck ( forget the name) its out already. that is the toyoat cube i think, and its not out yet
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Mar 27 2003, 09:47 AM
10. Greddy turbo'd Toyota Scion

The box thing is the Toyota Scion. To be released in the U.S.