Springs Or Coilovers

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what did you get, full coilovers, shock/ground control, or springs. what was your choice?
<-- coilovers (not GC's)..... because i wanted to have a good setup that i could adjust for road course/autoX racing
tein ss coilovers, because i was able to get balanced.. also, i drive the car on the street and road courses, so i like the damper adjustability :)
coilovers are only worth it if you get *real* coilovers and have them corner balanced. Otherwise - they can really turn into more problems then they are worth. I say springs for a less than 2.0 drop
well I already have a set of koni yellows sitting in my room so I was trying to decide between ground controls or just getting springs. SInce I have to spend almost $3000 getting my car fixed (multiple accidents from people hitting me and me hitting things over the last three years) I am leaning towards the springs since they are $200 cheaper
Koni yellows and springs will yield an excellent suspension setup. No need for coilovers unless you REALLY want the adjustability.