springs please!!!

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I am riding in a '96 Accord that is slammed with some cheap E-Bay springs the previous owner put on... They are tearing my shocks to hell, so if anybody has any springs that are a little less harsh, PLEASE let me know, even if they're factory. Im pretty sure the stock springs could make for a good sleeper. ;).

You can e-mail me at s_conklin730@yahoo.com or call me at (682)554 6539.
Try posting this in the "For Sale/Wanted" section down at the bottom of the main page. Somebody might already be selling springs there. Also, if the car is lowered then the previous owner should have put after-market shocks in (although I doubt he did if he went with cheap-ass E-Bay springs). You may need to look at replacing the shocks as well...
I got some tokico hp shocks & springs off of ebay they are working great. You should replace them all the way around that way you know what you got. You never know what kind of shit this guiy could have put on there. OH YEA I GOT A SERT OF OEM SHOCKS AND SPRINGS THAT CAME OFF MY 92 PRELUDE THEY ARE STILL IN GOOD SHAPE BUT I DONT KNOW IF THEY WILL FIT. SELL FOR 40$ YOU PAY SHIPPING.