Sqeeky Start Up

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:angry: when I start my car up when its cold, it makes a horendous squeek for anywhere from .5 seconds to 7 or 8 seconds, Im pretty sure its a belt cause its coming from the right side of the engine (when u look at it) but I replaced the power steering belt last night and its still there, I have had my belts replaced only like 700 miles ago, what could it be, maybe the belt on the alternater is too loose? and how can I fix it? my battery is charging, so I dont think the alternater is the prob, but somone help me out!!!!!! Thanks
Most likely a loose (not bad) belt. Do either one of them deflect alot if you push on them? Both the alternator and power steering belts get tensioned the same way (in my car anyway). When the engine is off, there's a bolt you loosen that allows the p/s or alternator to hinge. With one hand, you pull the device with your hand to tension it, then with the other hand you tighten the bolt. Anyone else, feel free to elaborate on that or give some info on other ways that he might need to tension his belts.
First, I would tension the belts. The tension bolt may just be loose :o

I don't think it would hurt anything to lube the places the belts hook onto with some oil (WD-40? penetrating oil?).

and I heard once that squeaking belts when you first start the engine means that there's some lubricating material on the inside of the belt (finger oil, motor oil, etc). Try some soap and water, cleaning the inside of the belt as it is on the motor. let it dry real well, turn the engine over (half-way start it, to expose the un-clean parts of the belt) and clean again. remember to avoid water on things like your alternator, battery, plugs, and distributor. If you're really industrious, take the belt off and clean everything, and then install the belt with gloves. That should avoid any undue lubrication on the friction surface.

good luck.
yup! mine was doing that when I went to bmp in Florida a couple of nights ago. Its very errie feeling. My belt had to be taken compeltely off then I washed it just like you said in soapy water and let it dry. I think I driped brake fluid on it when was bleeding my brakes.