Squid Game

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People are raving about this Korean horror game show on Netflix.
I'm quite a few episodes in, through game 4. Not sure how many more episodes I have to go.

Dubbed over in english, not a horrible show, but I'm not seeing the rave factor really.
Anyone watched this, or watching it?
i hate dubbed shows.
although, money heist was great.

its on my list but after watching the preview, the wife said, yeah, no... watch it without me. lol
Nah. Not my cup of tea.

Have to watch the most recent season of money heist.

Also, Fauda was excellent.
Binge watched it last Saturday
Went with the English dub because I saw plenty of people saying that the subtitles were crap too, and figured if it's going to be BS might as well not have to read it while I'm watching
The dub was definitely a little wonky
But all in all I rather enjoyed it
interesting premise
I watched the whole season over the course of a week. It didn't grip me enough to binge all the way through, but I DID watch the last 3 episodes one after the other. It was pretty good, I thought the ending was kinda bleh - both what the character does at the very end, and really the last half hour or so of the last episode where he gets the thing that tells him to go to the thing to see the person. When that happens and it 'unfolds' or whatever, I still didn't really pick up on exactly what was going down...I mean, I understood what the viewer was 'discovering', but it seemed more like the writers/producers were like "This is the surprise ending, now make it fit," and it didn't entirely add up to me. Will discuss more when spoiler alerts are allowed and everyone for the most part has either seen it or doesn't care...

Either way, I finished the season, which is more than I can say for 90% of the shows that I start. Lol
i'm up to espisode 4 now i think.. just finished the T'o'W game.

It's ok i guess. i'm not too hooked but i'll finish it. Certainly not deserving of the titles/stream counts it's gotten. like, this broke records, even after that bitch Carole Baskins.
Yeah my wife and I are at ep 4. She doesn't like violence a whole lot so it's one episode at a time.

On my last trip to Colombia, I binged Mare of East Town on HBO. So good. We are rewatching that now together.

(Outside of sports, we only watch TV now about 1/2 EP to 1 ep a night at best)
So we finished it. Liked it about a 6.5/10. Not nearly as good as many made out to me. Just a bit too predictable? The dubbing and stuff was pretty good and didn't bother us.
So we finished it. Liked it about a 6.5/10. Not nearly as good as many made out to me. Just a bit too predictable? The dubbing and stuff was pretty good and didn't bother us.

Yeah, lots of people complained about the dubbing, but I didn't find it all that distracting. The twist seemed a little shoehorned in to me, like they decided that that's what it would be first before figuring out a way to make that work. I dunno, probably 7/10 for me. I'd watch more.

I feel like the brother is probably still alive and will be back next season. He got shot in the shoulder and no body was found. Seems like a set up to me.
yeah, it's def not worthy of the best show ev4r.

but neither was titanic
or Hanson
or Hootie and the Blowfish

and they all broke records too.
Speaking of Titanic, I've never seen it. At this point, I probably never will. It's become a trivia about me, lol.
how is that even possible?

I dunno...just never happened for me. I've had people buy me the DVD on three separate occasions because they were so shocked I'd never seen it. All three of those DVDs are still around here somewhere...unopened.
My wife does that with plenty of pop culture stuff. She'll know the actors/movies from E! But never will watch it.