Squirter PICS!!!


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right side...


under the hood....

right side squirting...

driverside squirting...

distance. notice the big puddle on the right. theres a tree shadow but the puddle is fairly big.

warning! Please do not try this at home. people will throw bottles at you :D ...

there you guys go.


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haha, fucking ownage.

imagine going down a city block with that shit, and a crowd, like waiting to get in a night and just squirting the shit out of them.

I'd piss myself.


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Sweeeeeeeeet. I need to do that. I was already thinking of mounting a driving light in the top corner of my rear windshield for people driving around with high beams on... maybe a paintball gun mounted underneath the car with video camera aiming and remote firing.


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thats great man.. you'll have to show me next time i go over there.. won't be able to make it this weekend, gf wants to do something :p :D


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maybe that'l be the trade mark of hondswappersâ„¢...

"the slippery bastards"

have a sticker on your rear window that says "back the fuck off"...and have a squirter pointed behind you...for all those tailgaters