Starting Problems!!!!

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Well i dont know wat to do anymore wit dis problem. Dis past weekend i workd on da hatch and but wasnt able to do wat i wantd get it started by turning da key but i was able to get it started wit a screwdiver at da starter. Look i checked all the fuses under da hood, in da car, checked da wiring and found a corroded wire and repaird it but still nothing all i hear is the fuel pump send gas when i try to crank it. Please sum1 give me sum ideas or sumthing please ill appreciate wana get it ready its starting 2 get hot and want to get it ready 4 da Fast n Furious movie lol.
Holy COW that was hard to comprehend. First, try laying off the ghetto talk and you might get more responses from people around here. Wooo, that really hurt my eyes. Proper punctuation wouldn't hurt things either.

Now then, onto your problem. If it is not starting with the key but starting with a screwdriver I would suggest replacing your ignition. It could be stripped in there, which makes sense to me since it started with a screwdriver and not the key. Either way best of luck to you my friend. :thumbsup:
Sorry i guess i dont realize that every one dont speak the same way i do, i guess im just use to textin like that to save time and space when i text. But thanxs for ur reply ill try that tomorow.
No problem man. Let us know how it turns out and I hope you are able to fix your problem. :thumbsup:
Me to bro did a LS sawp last summer and really havent been able to enjoy it because of the wiring problems, hope this summer i can really enjoy it cause i want to make it LS VTEC this summer also.