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ok i have a bunch of stereo stuff for sale. it was all in a car i recently bought and im not much of a stero-type of guy. its all fully functioning, and most is like new. i dont have pictures of everything at the moment, so use your imagination. im very detail-oriented when i describe stuff.

1 kenwood KDCMP335 head unit. less than 2 months old(reciept was in glove box). plenty of space on wiring harness, 2 sets of pre-amps, plays MP3's, HD/SAT ready, wireless remote included

1 Kicker KX200.4 amp. 50w x 4. scratched/scuffed up a little from being under the seat, and the end caps(dress-up) are MIA. would be a KILLER amp to tuck away somewhere and play your mids and highs

1 Rockford Fosgate Punch 50x2 amp. this one is clean, but again no end caps(cosmetic). i have actually owned this for a few years, and i had the "birth certificate" that came with it, but its MIA. made something like 400w at 1 or 2ohm mono 13.3v

1 lightning audio 1 farad capacitor. not much to say other than it works. it has been discharged and i have the paperwork and mounting brackets for it too

1 Rockford Fosgate Punch 12" sub. again, reciept was in glove box from
2 months ago. 12" punch stage 1 4ohm single voice coil, in a carpeted MDF enclosure

1 pair of Alpine Type R 6.5" components. one of the mids has the power lead tab broken off the chassis, just needs to be soldered on. still works great. the crossovers are a little scuffed up, but purely cosmetic. plenty of lead on the tweets for your own install, and i have the grilles(unbroken)

1 pair of Alipine Type-S 6.5" 2 ways. again, literally brand new. no issues whatsoever on these

1 pair of JBL tweets. i know nothing on these, except that they work and have inline crossovers which you can have or i'll remove

im open to offers or trade for EG/B series stuff
and you pickup or pay ACTUAL shipping from 15461 unless we work something else out. if anybody needs more pics, it'll take me a few days. if you trust my description, i'll offer 100% buyback, including shipping both ways