stereo wiring harness..

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Green on the scene.
how do i remove the stereo wiring harness for the deck, do i have to pull out the wires to the speakers and such too?
im bored so im gonna solder and put heat shrink tubing on the adapter from my deck to the harness to reduce distortion and the risk of oxidization.
the other end of it.

i have the harness for the radio attached to the wires(i.e. power, ground speaker outs, acc..) with crimp connectors, and theres two sets of them because the guy before me used em installing a deck, and so did i.
i wanna eliminate this clutter and boost the quality.
quoted from the car stereo cookbook
after about six months, a properly crimped wire has an ipedence of roughly 0.03 ohms, due to oxidation (it gets worse as time goes on). this doesnt sound like much, but consider the fact that from the battery to the amp there can easily be five or more crimped connections through distribution blocks and so forth.
lets assume five connections of 0.03 ohms, for a grand total of 0.15 ohms. for a 50w x 2 amp, the maximum current is approximately 17 amps. this rusults in a maximum voltage drop of 2.5 volts, and a reduction in maximum power over 30 percent. remember, this is due to the connectors alone, and on top of any additional losses in the wires themselves.
crimping and then soldering results in an ipedence of 0.01 ohms per connection. this number does not degrade over time. for our example, this would limit the maximum voltage drop to 0.85 volts, and the reduction in maximum power to 10 percent.

its a very helpful book, but auto audio was written better.