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no, i can't click my own ads. Against terms of service.
There's more than one Celerity?

FS/FT: 1976 Celerity, white, some wear and tear, none too excessive, just from the street. Leather, loaded, slightly grumpy, but only 19k posts! Runs well. Looking for a honda kid or E Sol. Tell me what you got!
This thread is full of win !

"Celerity" is now a common name, primarily in Celerity Systems. There are graphic design firms, networking firms (I almost interviewed at Connecticut's "Celerity Networking"). The first Celerity Group out there made a grammar checker and "Word of the Day" generator.

I owned the Celerity trademark, I'm not telling you which market because I haven't renewed. But either way, I paid about $100 to register it. I need to re-register it.

And I hate fall-out boy, I listen to primarily Ambient.
The only fall out boy I can stand is the drum part on the first song they had on Rockband 1. Its actually really fun to play, but I still can't stand the song enough to want to play it anymore.
Fall out boy = fail. Imagine if they start mass producing these, a Steve army could be a really godd thing or a really bad thing.:D