stock b18 sleeves

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heres the setup
stock b18c1
areomotive eliminator a1000
880cc precision injectors
benon industries fuel rail
50a/r compressor .63a/r hotside (ebay)
custom ram manifold "NSR tech"
3" downpipe
FMIC no name
350whp 274 ft/lbs @ 11.5 afr on c16
ok well what i need to know is how much can these stock sleeves handle along with the stock pistons and rods... i am looking to step up to a precision turbo .70 ar. i know that tuning this turbo it will make the same hp at a lower psi but really how much farther can i take it? hp? i know there have been some threads out there that claim real high numbers on stock sleeves and internals, but who can help me.


350whp on a bone stock GSR is about as far as I would push it. I wouldn't expect it to last very long at that power level, let alone anything above that. Also, 350whp and 274ftlbs? Thats extremely weak torque for that power level. Who's doing the tuning?


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:ditto: :withstupid: If you are really wanting to up the power and don't want to see your hard work go boom, sleeve it and you're done.


stock sleeves may hold 1000hp.... once? twice? maybe even a dozen times...
eventually, they will fail though (if something else doesn't fail first).

for a dialy driver, 300 whp is the 'standard' power level that remains 90% safe on stock internals.
rods/pistons bump that 50-75 or so.

ultimately, it all comes down to your tune... that 1 first pull before getting dialed in could ruin your motor... so boost it up slow and start with a good turner lots of fuel and little timing


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im going to agree also 350 is pushing the limit at that horsepower even with a great tune cast pistons and stock rings can sometime fail you under that boost pressure too. lucky for you though man i got a brand new set of darton sleeves you can throw in that thing an call it game time! i've got some pistons if you want those too!