Stock Crv Si Vs B16 Dx Hatch

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Well, I have sortof a dumb question but, where I live there is only one hybrid.
He has a 91 dx hatch w/ a b16 supposably also a ported and polished head.

Here is my question......i raced this kid from a stop and he barely pulled one car length on me by the top of 3rd gear (in my car). He has his interior stripped out as far as the back goes and had one passenger, my back interior panels are also off and I was alone. Is my car really not gonna be that much faster with the B16? I mean my car has 133,000 miles and wasn't spanked that bad , so do you think maybe I should get a supercharger as well or a different swap....sorry for the lack of not even second hand knowledge of hybrids but there are none around here, just what you guys call Rice. any help would be great.
yes they do make them in noobworld, j/k i ment crX...SORRY!
lol i shoulda made the conenction :p

the d16a6 Si tranny is bad-ass. its the 4th gen d-series type R if you ask me. REALLY close geared. the b16 tranny is a little tighter, but your car is lighter, so its pretty even.

as dyno proven, you both have pretty much the same torque to the wheels... 100-110 average for a b16 thats pretty much stock

he SHOULD pull on you, but not by too much.

shit, my buddies 86 crx Si OWNED 99-00 civic si's left and right all day long. and his car was stock with 190k on it in the EW4 motor. hahah

its all about power to weight ratio y0!
I had a 86 si crx EDM head I/H/E and it got owned by a B16 hatch,it wasn't even funny.