Stock EG parts, AC, Airboxes, steering wheel...etc


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well, after spending like 2-3 days cleaning up my are some parts I can live without. Don't have prices listed...taking best offers on all offer means no low balling please =)
Local buyers get first dibs as I hate to ship out these parts...but will ship at buyer's expense.

All parts below are for '92-'95 civic hatchback...except for speed sensor, throttlebody and brake booster.

mystery harness:

condenser links:

heater box links:

fan box links:

stock steering wheel with air bag:

ITR Brake booster links (one of the bolts for the master cylinder is partially broken but still useable):

ITR Speed sensor (missing top portion):

GSR Throttlebody (I'll clean it up and might have sensors for it):

Incomplete EG AC Assembly with AC Box:

ITR Passenger LCA:

Complete EG SRS unit with brain:

Also, I have 3 sets of suspension for sale. 2 Tein SS (1 for ek and 1 for eg) and an Apex N1 for EK. The Teins come with stock suspension hats on them. The Apex N1 come with 4 Apex pillow mounts. The Tein SS both have about 5k to 7k miles on each one and the Apex has about 8k miles on it. $700 each for the Tein SS coilovers and $900 for the Apex N1

I have some GSR and LS OEM oil pans as well as oil pick ups and windage trays. I can ship at buyer's expense but prefer socal buyers. Please email me at [email protected] if you need more info on any items listed above. Thanks.

Almost forgot...I have a complete stock 1992 LS Short block with pistons, rings, crank....complete complete...taking offers on this legit shortie. Prefer local buyers for now. Thanks again for looking.