Stock Shocks Wrapped Around Coilovers

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im having a hard time with it. my ride is too bumpy.. and if i adjust my car to my normal height i still hit the bump if i'm goin too fast.. will this change after i put good shocks?
a spring rate is how much force is required to move it a certain distance... say, 600 lbs/inch

you can get upgraded springs from groundcontrol
there should be a number on the spring somewhere. cross referne it with ground control's site.

BUT, befor eyou go chanign spring rates- upgrade your shocks- because chances are, thats the problem
actually, its supposed to be bumpy. you now have a stiffer suspension, which translates to improved cornering capability and less body roll in hard turns. its always a compromise between better handling and a smoother ride. but still...upgrade your shocks because the stock shocks werent meant to take the increased heat from a stiffer suspension. they will wear quickly, if they havent already. its probably just your coilovers though because that is normal for a coilover suspension (having a bumpy/firm ride).

to look at it another basically brought your suspension a little closer to a race car's setup.