"stone" temple pilots


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Portuguese people know what's up. Nickelback eats bowls of dicks for days on end.

They are teh :ghey:


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you'd be surprised how much that actually happens- Nickelback def. sucks teh cock y0, but i don't blame them for walking off stage after getting hit with rocks-
Ya, a lot of people are hella ghey at concerts. Even if they like the band, they will throw stuff at them. I recently went to the Static-X concert and people threw stuff. Nothing like rocks or anything to hurt the band, just like bottles and shoes and stuff. Its hella bull shit. The band always says to beat some ass if somebody throws something, but nobody ever gets hurt.


true. many concerts i go to, deftones to name one, they have people throwing shit on stage...its gay. I dont know why the crowd think its cool/funny/right to do it...
Dude, hella people throw shit. If I was a big buff guy (I'm only 6'1" 185lbs) that could kick some ass, and I saw somebody throw something at one of my favorite band, I would for sure punch them in the face.