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which one do people suggest for a starter. I was thinking of a CBR 600. I wanted to stay honda, or maybe Yamaha(sp). I know im gonna kill my self you dont need to tell me, or tell me to invest my money into my car...blah blah blah. Im getting bike, not parts for my car period. It was either a CBR 600 or a 954RR, but ill prolly kill my self on the 954. let me know what you think.


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If you don't know how to ride well, you'll get scared before you hurt yourself too bad. Any crotchrocket you buy will be fast enough to kill you, and handle pretty well. Just pick a bike that *feels* right to you. A bike is very personal, and you must feel like you're part of it to do well.


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i know what a black bird is, although it is really hard to find them...I would like to get an F4I, but you cant find them either. Ducati=too expensive. I just saw 4 street bike take off out of this convience store tonite, rippin on them, a harley was trying to keep up but they were gone. the one pulled a wheelie 2nd gear and shifted and kept it in a wheelie till 4th gear. it was crazy. Im good at riding things that are 2 wheeled(dirtbike, mopeds,) just nothing that fast. I am smart enough to get to know how to ride the bike for a while before I do anything like over 100, or ride through turns real quick, or wheelie or anything. I have a respect for speed, the faster you go the more dangerous it gets. I have seen what has happened to people when they fall on these bikes. I was in the hospital(concusion from racing bmx bikes) the kid next to me had his arm wrapped up in a bloody towel. I was talking to him and he said the guy stopped in front of him with a stick shift and didnt have his foot on the break, so the motorcycler thought he was moving still and went right into the guys rear end(was night time out, and black car on dark road).


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How old are you?

first off wheelies and such are stupid kinda fun but stupid

before you buy a bike make sure you have enough money for gear atlest 400-600 bucks worth

any newer 600cc bike will go 0-100mph just as fast as the 1 liter bikes a F4i IS NOT A GOOD BIKE TO START ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a 954.... you are just asking to be hurt
any full sport bike IS NOT A GOOD BIKE TO START ON

buy a Ninja EX500 to ride around on for a few months or a Suzuki Bandit

chances are YOU WILL drop the bike the odds are something like 80% that YOU WILL drop it even if you are not on the bike it will fall over at one point

if you buy a newer bike you will lose your ass money wise sine you will F it up VS buying a cheap used bike to drop and not care about

if you make it past the first things I listed "buying gear and getting a bike" then you have insurance to worry about

depending on what state/county you live in it can be anywhere from 20 bucks a month to 1000 bucks a month "not kidding" highest price I've seen on a bike for insruance was $9999 a year and that was onyl becuase the computer would not list more then 4 digits

I pay 34 bucks a month for my CBR with full coverage 2 years ago it would have cost me closer to 4-6K a year "WITH OUT FULL COVERAGE!" just lia and comp

on the other hand my old Suzuki bandit was 10 times cheaper to insure becuase it was not a super sport bike

make this your check list

NICE helmet $300+
Boots $100+
Gloves $40+ bucks
Jacket $100-300
last thing on the list would be riding pants they go for $80+

don't forget if you buy an older bike you will need to put a good bit of money into it to make it street worthy

once again buy a used Ninja EX500 you can get them for cheap on ebay then when you're ready to upgrade buy a nice newer bike 2000+ if you can
If you can't afford leathers, boots, gloves, and a helmet, please don't buy a bike. Try to find something with less than 70 HP for a starter bike. Don't be a squid. Crawl before you run. PAY ATTENTION!

Have fun!


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Originally posted by jeffie7@Mar 27 2004, 12:44 AM
depending on what state/county you live in it can be anywhere from 20 bucks a month to 1000 bucks a month "not kidding" highest price I've seen on a bike for insruance was $9999 a year and that was onyl becuase the computer would not list more then 4 digits

I pay 34 bucks a month for my CBR with full coverage 2 years ago it would have cost me closer to 4-6K a year "WITH OUT FULL COVERAGE!" just lia and comp

i dont' understand why it would be cheaper to have full coverage? and $9999 a year??? i would just not own a bike, damn why was it so much??
Originally posted by B16@Mar 27 2004, 09:23 AM
damn why was it so much??

Liability. Kids doing dumb shit on bikes and getting hurt or damaging property. Higher accident/ fatality rate than cars. You get the idea...


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insurance aint cheap man. like insuring a ferrari or something.

listen to what everyone has said about safety. at the very least, you should ride with work boots on (steel toe?) denim jeams, leather jacket, gloves and a helmet. in CT, helmets arent law, but eye protection is, so keep that in mind too.

2 guys at work have bikes. both ninja's, ones a 600, ones a 750 i believe. they are nice bikes and all, but not for the beginner. im getting my motorcycle license in a couple of weeks, and neither of those bikes would be something i would consider as a first bike. start small bud.


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yea, Im 17(april 13 im 18). Ive rode my friends cbr 929 in a parking lot for like 10 minutes before. I dont want to get anything this big.

this is a cbr 600RR(they dont sell just a plain 600 anymore)

I like this one too:

its an interceptor,and it has VTEC! although it is a little big for a starter bike.


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I was also just watching ride with funk master flex and did anyone see the 3 wheeler street bike thing. 2 wheels in the front, 1 in the rear. that was pretty cool.
10 minutes in a parking lot is about as meaningful as... nothing. You have zero riding experience. Listen to those of us who ride.


you want a nice starter bike, get a ninja 250...
you can't go wrong
they are cheap as shit, go fast enough for a starter bike, no prob spinning them to 120 mph, and the insurance is ass cheap...

if you get a 600CC or higher you get hit with a "heavy bike" surcharge, basically anything like 500cc and up is considered VERY DANGEROUS and your insurance is insane...

6 month insurance on a ninja 250 is under 100 bucks, 6 month insurance for a 600cc ninja is more like 600 or 700 for the same time period...

and def get an older bike, it will drop and get fucked up, plan on it...


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Im actually gonna disagree about getting the 250cc ninja...i know a lot of guys that get 250's as their first bike, and within a few months they sell them and upgrade to something a little bigger. I feel that rider control and ability is more important than engine size- a moron on a 250 can still go down, whereas a smart rider that knows his abilities and what he should/should not do, should be fine riding a 600cc. But i think a newb with a liter bike is not a good combo :D

that being said- i just picked up my first bike 3 days ago...a 94 yamaha fzr 600. ~80 hp or so...I pay 640/year for liablity only, im 20 with one speeding ticket...I hear when you turn 21 your insurance rates drop A LOT

I bought an older bike because ive never ridden before, and it will be easier to replace fairings if i lay it down. Ive been riding pretty much non-stop the last couple of days, and i feel as if im getting the hang of it...

I agree with everyone else who says get gear before you ride...I dont get on my bike without a helmet on, and my jacket is going to be here soon and pants will be purchased as soon as my budget allows it.

Take the MSF course asap, it offers 10% off your insurance rates and will help you to be a safer rider

Good luck with your choice, and be safe :thumbsup:

edit--- to the guy above me- actually my insurance company rates 600cc and up in the heavy class being more insurance. But you do understand that most of the "600cc" bikes out there are actually 599 or 598cc, so when your insurance agent asks about engine says tell him 599cc :D


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a 250??? common Ive ridden dirt bikes that are bigger than that(450's). and dirt bikes are a lot harder to control, I mean you out catching air off jumps and sliding through dirt. a street bike you ride on nice smooth pavement. I think a 250 is undersided for anyone, and have no idea why they would make a 250. I just think Im going to get a CBR 600 (99 or older--they are cheaper, I called my insurance company, and they are considered a 599, so it isnt a heavy weight bike, and the insurance is only 700 a year on a 99). my insurance is through my parents, and its really cheap. I only pay 800 a year for my car. I know that riding one for 10 minutes dosent make me experienced. ok....what ever...lock thread and delete....ive heard enough.


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I wouldn't get a 250... they're not all that safe. Their tires are like bicycle tires & I wouldn't want something that small keeping me up at 80+ MPH! I just looked at a 250 that some girl wrecked. She tried to go up over uneven pavement & ate it. Totalled the bike & messed her up pretty good. Not to say that you couldn't do that on a 600 or any other bike, but damn!

Just a note... my boyfriend was 23 when he rode last year & his insurance was not that much, around $200 a year I think. That was not for full coverage, just liability, with a perfect driving record, & for an '02 R6.


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if you go with a 600cc bike get a bandit or an older CBR like an F1 or F2
old CBR did 1/4 mile I think high 12s maybe low 13s new CBRs with a pro rider can hit mid 10s stock

trust me thats to much bike for you

and the Ninja EX250 is not a bad bike they handle really well but I think a 500 would do ya better

either way it sounds like you have your mind setup and you're going to buy a CBR or some other newer 600cc bike

just have one of your parents post on here to let us know when you go down

most race tracks have there fastest laps set using 250cc bikes the ninja EX250/500 is a very good track bike but once again it seems like you have your mind set on the hype of a super sport bike

P.S a dirtbike is nothing like a streetbike I've been on dirt bikes for way longer then you shit I use to hang out with Travis Pastrana every weekend at the track when I was like 7 dirk bikes and street bikes are VERY different