stuck alt.

hey guys. I was working on my car this weekend and I need to remove my alternator. I removed all the connections and nuts/bolts..except one. There is a bolt that the whole alternator pivots on. I cant get this out. The alternator will pivot ok with some persausion and i have been hitting it with a ton of penetrating lube. any tricks or experience with this?



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If that doesn't work you can hit it with a torch (on the nut only), if that doesn't do it-bust out the die grinder.


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take the nut off the bolt, works good going from the bottom, then just tap the bolt out with a hammer, then use a pry bar to get it ther rest of the way out. Then to get the actual alterantor out of that one cradle, just use a pry bar and it will pop out. If I remember right, the braket that holds the alternator in can be removed with the alternator still in place. If that is true, just do that and seperate later.
Cool. I got the nut off ok. I guess i just need to hit the bolt for real(i was hitting it but worried about damaging the took it easy).