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Rest In Peace
since I totaled my bike. I have a solo seat cover off a 94 vfr 750, cover should fit 93-96 vfr 750. - $45 plus shipping

a rear swing arm stand that i dont need any more. it will fit most bikes either with the swingarm pads or pegs. - $50 plus shipping

2 blue sparco clubman 4-point bolt-in seltbelts w/ all hardware - $100 plus shipping

12:1 fmu - $75 shipped

2 motorcycle leather jackets (1 agv & 1 technic)

alpinestar gp plus leather gloves - $100


Rest In Peace
Originally posted by formby@Aug 12 2005, 10:33 AM
what happened to the bike??????
can you get the ITB off it
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some guy turn into me and hit me on the side.
i could get the itb off, but your thinking of the inline 4 itb's my vfr is a v4 and has only 2 itb.