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Is the intake manifold bolt pattern on a 93-96 h22 different than 97+? If they were the same, what halts someone with a 93-96 h22 lude putting on a Jackson Racing SC? Same thing with 97+ SH and non SH models, what's the difference that they need 2 different models?


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I think it may be a clearance issue or maybe pully design. Might wanna ask the people at JR if you are curious.


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Just get a M62, make a custom lower manifold (A lot easier than it sounds) for it and run the charge pipes similar to a turbo setup. Mount it above the exhaust manifold and make some really good heat sheilds. just don't plan on checking your oil level...ever unless you remove the blower.


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ehhh, thats ok. it was just an idea, although looking at pictures of it, i still think it would fit... oh well, i guess i'll just have to my turbo (which i already have) instead. hmmm, i'll post pictures of someones engine with it on and then mine and see if you guys think it would work.


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You have reached your bandwidth limit and can not view this image.

WHAT!!! what type of garbage is this?? lol .... ahh damn, well i was going to show 2 pictures. I guess i'll just have to wait


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I've heard of it being done but I've no details regarding anyone's
success or failure. Space (or the lack off it) has always been the
issue with the '96 & earlier body-style Prelude. A second inhibiting
factor is the lower section of the original intake manifold [which is
re-used] on an early car is different than the later one and that also
has to be swapped.

Other considerations are brake master cylinder and the top of the shock
tower assembly. I have heard those two things do interfere and that the
motor must be 're-angled' in order to get clearance. We do not suggest
attempting this conversion.

Thank you for emailing. K T

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Name: Paul Snader

Saw, your supercharger kit for 97-01 Prelude, why doesn't it work with
older H22 models? Is it about space in the engine compartment or is the
bolt pattern different on the intake manifold? If it's space,can you
give me a box dimensions the roots blower and the intake manifold?


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with the turbo setup you already have why are u even considering a jackson charger????

Makes no sense


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haha i can view pictures again!!!!!!

anyways, i think it would work, but i wouldnt exactly know unless i had the stock intake manifold which i dont have anymore

oh well, you're right, i like my turbo setup too much. too be exact, i really like how the intake manifold looks compared to the roots blower sitting there taking up all the space.

man.... i just need to hurry up and get my car running so i can put on that turbo. Hrmmm too bad i'll be in the Army when it's all done.


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Originally posted by driver1@Jun 17 2005, 05:39 PM
who makes that mani u have? i like it...and it appears to be ac and ps compatible
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turbo or intake? turbo is maxrev, intake is golden eagle (which is basically the same as STR)


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i meant the turbo mani,......what u have to give for it?