Subaru Skyline?

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Yeah, works for me too, but I'll download it and host it somewhere else for ya.


i saw a legend that was made to look like a skyline. from the back, it's almost a dead ringer. couldn't tell till i looked at the side windows... it was a coupe, but still, they did a pretty good job at trying to convert it...

it's just sad they had that idea in the first place.
Originally posted by Lantis@May 29 2005, 09:50 PM
at least you hope, it could just be another car they tried to disguise as a skyline ;_;
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could be a impala lol we hav e acouple around here that looks like a skyline rear end
Originally posted by Lantis@May 30 2005, 02:13 AM
what is the domestic version of the skyline? I know alot of the cars they have over there have a pretty close match over here.
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the 350Z or the G35
that's what confused me, the 350Z is the FairladyZ in japan, and I was confused as it being the skyline..

But if the G35 is the skyline, why buy a WRX and stick a skyline badge on it, when you can just buy a G35 and have a skyline.
yeah a guy in my town has a g35 fully done you with jdm skyline parts. and i have to say it id much rather have a g35 than a skyline. def more sleek. o and on a side note there is a mid 90s maxima with an autozone vtec badge on thwe back its great.

The G35 looks like shit compaired to the R34 Skyline! I wish Nissan hadn't ever diviated from the classic body style. I had been pretty much the same since the 80's.


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wtf? figures, a cali car.

when you live in the worst state, you make the worst car choices :p
in 2007 they are rumored to realease the infinity g35 gtr, our left hand drive awd turbo version, just like what they have in japan, cept our still wont have any nissan emblems.