Subwoofer, something strange

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Hello i got a subwoofer mac audio red attack reflex 30 (don't ask where i got it)
anyway the bass now its not really bass it doesn't make the right sound it should be like dwoooooommmm. but it make smth like boom boom (i know i sound stupid now)
but anyway its not a woofer now its a boomer. The sound is loud and it makes all my car audio sound bad
could be the problem with an amplifier? bad filter or smth. or the problem with a woofer.
ty in adv.
i just checked that sub in google and its 230/440. i think i should get rid of it :|
Why would you want to get rid of it and I am assuming that is 230rms and 440peak? What amp are you using/running/answerthequestionsoIcantrytohelpyou. :D
i got all those things for free temporary. becouse i got my car hijaked
but i think its crap. mac audio good brand but that woofer made in 2001 year
and amplifier of unknown brand (it got cooling fan on it Oo)
I know how to set the amp for the woofer thats not the prob. the sub shacking all my car. but when comes the boom it should make long dwwoommm but makes short dooom. if the sub not dead and doesnt make noises like grrr hrrr. what can be the problem then. maybe the sub is too hard? and amp cant moove its membrane like it should be? becouse when i poosh it with the hand its very hard to moove it. i had an hifonics and it was way easier. i dunno what it means whats the dif?
your sub is probably fried, therre should'nt be at resistance or dragging when you push it with your hand
ok i tried to make amp vs woofer on 40% amp and 30/35 head woofer fried :D
guess it was too weak. Now i know that amp is strong enough :ph34r:
guys i got a new sub Kicker but cant find any reviews on it or any info
somebody can tell me how good that sub is?

There are a bunch of sites out there that will give you stats on the equipment. Each person is different with their tastes and their setup, so finding an accurate review will be difficult. You can take any review you find with a grain of salt.
dwoooooooooooooom grrr hrrrrr!!!



sorry - i couldn't help it. good luck with the setup, and thanks for the lol! :D