Suddenly My H22a Stopped Ideling?

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Hey all,
This just happened last night. All of the sudden my recently swapped jdm h22a started missing like timing or something and Im not sure what it is. it wont idle it just dies and when you give it gas it just sounds off like missing on a cylender. I checked the distributer but thats it. I hope I didnt do anything to the head. My friend said sometimes the timing belt will just slip so maybe thats what it is. Any input to what this might be?? is it easy to change the timing belt if thats what it is? Never done it before kinda new in that area.
things to check in order of ease:

spark plugs/wires
pull any ecu codes - go from there if you get any
are you getting fuel? pump on?
put it on a timing light
Doubt it's the timing belt.

Probably the ignition switch, maybe the main relay. Not easy to fix yourself, but it can be done. Also pretty easy to take it over to Honda and have it done for a few bucks.
Hey thanks for the replies. I took a peak at the timing belt and it looks really worn down and its slightly off the cam gears a bit. im gonna change it anyways just to be safe but its a pain in the @ss to take the crankshaft pully off. Any suggestions on how to take it off?