Suggestions-getting Pre-ignition/ Detonation

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I need a little help here..

I'm Running a B18c1 with 11.5 to 1 Wiseco pistons and stock fuel system exept for an adjustible FPR..

I appear to be getting Pre-Ignition only at low RPM under under a load. This only started after i put my Chipped P28 ECU in ( no Knock Sensor) . I could just swap my P72 back in but it runs alot better with the Chipped ECU at High RPM. I do have an A/F ratio gauge ( not sure if it's worth a Sh*t) it shows rich at the point i get pre-ignition. I'm running stock NGK ITR plugs.

I'm still kinda of a noobie at this so if i'm leaving out important info please let me know.. Any help would be great.

Thanks :worthy:


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i put in a colder spark plug and fixed it..

Where are the Forum rules i guess i need to read over them.. did you remove the pic from my sig because i went to remove it and nothing was no pic there..


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nah. it wasn't me.. it could have been another moderator.

there isn't anywhere that says no pictures.. but we just dont' do it.. thanks for pointing out that we don't have a rules section and we should make one.


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im running boost, but without an intercooler. (im getting one asap.. lol) my question is, would running a boosted engine without an intercooler increase the chances of getting detonation? thanks.