suggestions ill take any suggestions!!!

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so i somehow didnt cash my last couple of paychecks... and i have ruffly 1500 to blow i want to do something... but im in between options right now so here are my choices someone give me some input on what the hell i should do! for backround information i have a 90si... sohc zc non vtec with tons of suspension work... a stage 1 clutch, intake exhaust headers and fuel and spark management. got my y8 head and p28 socketed and soon to be chipped ecu that will be going in very soon. my options are as follows...

option A:

custom made turbo kit including a 31" fmic, stock wrx turbo, blitz BOV, dsm 450 inj, complete piping and install 1600 installed

options B:

i can get a used t25 turbo and down pipe made for my set-up for $200, dsmn inj. $50, fmic 26" core $130, BOV $200, exhaust manifold $350, and piping for $150 and installed for $1200 spare cash goes to boost controll dyno time and tuning

option C:

here is where im gonna get all hell,.... ive done probablly 30 - 40 hours of online research behind ssautochrome and there product and how much everyone talks mad shit on there product and what not but as many bad things ive heard ive seen people say good things too...people have a tendency to stick to more of the wrongs than the rights .... i emailed them 4 times ive been answered promptly within 24 hrs each time... for a complete kit including t25 turbo, fmic, charge and IC pipes, oil lines, external 38mm wastegate, bov, something about an engine dress up kit and basically every little peice i might think of for the kit for only 800 shipped. now ive heard about the mani's falling apart but i was thinking of pulling that mani selling it to someone else online for dirt price or having the damn thing re-inforced with brackets upon brackets and putting in flex pipe to relive stress from the weight of the turbo when motor is torqing over, to see if that would be the best choice... then i can i get in more time on a dyno, and i can use my friends 40% discount back on jobber price and get all the heads internals for my y8

ive heard so much shit about ssautochrome and so many people talking about what they have heard nothing about what someone personally has seen, and i figured if i reinforce it enough ill be ok? in the sense that im a noob please any comments and concerns will help me make my decision... i am leaning toward getting the ssautochrome kit only because i can do more to my block and if i go through all the shit that has gone wrong with peoples kits in the past i can make my kit last from what ive read about peopls problems with their kits online


Thank you for your business.
Option D: Write a check out to me.

I just woke up so I'm not going to read all of that right now.... but just after skimming I'd say go with Option B.


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I've heard bad things about SSautochromes Turbos and other accesories from the kit, I got the manifold from them for my custom turbo kit.. It had holes in the welds and the flange didnt even line up.. I wouldn't waste your money/time trust me it will come back to bite you in the ass

I'd go with option B.. Tuning is very important and make sure you have enough funds to do it right


finish the obd1 conversion.

buy some 15x7 with 205/50/15 R compound tires like ao32r's

go auto cross and enjoy driving.


Another vote for "B"

Seems to be a trend forming here...

I've cooked up a scenario:

Billy Ricer drops his SS autochrome turbo kit in his rice-burner to make up for the body kit with 3 foot deep scoops and his 6 foot tall spoiler. The car runs afterward, and billy ricer can now say that he has a turbo'd chevy citation. (That was made in japan, of course, you can tell by the big jap stickers all over it...)

Now joe blow asks billy ricer how he likes his kit. Billy says "Its the best fuggin kit in the world! it added 900 horse power! Great quality, best stuff you can get in the world!!

Now, Joe blow happens to know a little about automotive products, being a mechanic or whatever. He knows the difference between a crappy turbo manifold and a nice one. So he buys the ss turbo kit because billy ricer said it was great quality. He gets it in the mail and realizes that it is slapped together with mild steel and crappy welds.. none of the bolt holes line up exactly right.. the gaskets are actually cardboard cut-outs that look like gaskets... and so he realizes he has a crappy kit.

Now John Doe comes along and finds billy and joe because they both have the ss kit, and john is considering one. Billy says "whoa wow, great awesome kit!!" And joe says "that kit is trash" ... It seems the informed know better. But there is a 50% comparison for ya...

You will not be happy with the product because you seem somewhat informed.


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junkyard setup...get a turbo from a 2nd gen DSM and get all the piping and shit you can get a turbo set up for about 1000 and if you don't have a good tuner around you just get a FMU and boost no higher then 6psi...all set!


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How about saving your money instead of wasting it? I'd save your money and save for a b16 if I were you.
yeah it doesnt seem like im gonna be going with option c... option b sounds the best, most of the parts im getting are from my buddy from high school.... bumped into him a few years down the road and hes now a top writer for honda tuning. so i dont think i have any concerns getting parts from him. i would do the b16 swap... but i want to push my limits with a d series, ive seen guys in my area with mini me swaps doing 8lbs making 220 to the wheels... with excessive amounts of tuning, im going anywhere in that range give or take


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you already made plans for you engine so i would say stick with that engine.
Option B soley due to tha fact that you would have $300 that will be spent somewhere you didn't for see yet.


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Option Z.

Save a couple more paychecks.

I'll send you a complete turbo setup out of my car from the ECU (with laptop to use on it) to the injectors, to the downpipe, piping, turbo, exhaust manifold, intercooler, EVERYTHING off my 1991 Civic w/ b16 for $3000.

I'll even pull the rods/pistons/blockguard b16 and bring it all to you in my truck for 5g's.

How 'bout them apples? :ph34r:


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3k for a turbo kit and id part out too :p

build another one and bank a cool 2 grand :p


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Originally posted by micah@Jul 26 2005, 03:22 PM
3k for a turbo kit and id part out too :p

build another one and bank a cool 2 grand :p
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I hope you don't mean I would build another with that cheese... I'd be putting together a shit kit compared to what I had if I tried to build it for a grand...

ZDyne Gold SECU - $800
Older Laptop - $200
Injectors - $300
3BAR MAP sensor - $25
InlinePro Manifold - $400 (at cost)
TiAl Wastegate - $200
Downpipe - $100 for parts
Precision Turbo Intercooler - $400
Precision SC34 - $650 (at cost)
Piping and couplers - $200+
GReddy Type S BOV - $150
Golden Eagle oil adapter and Oil Lines - $100
GReddy Profec B - $300
GReddy TT - $75
Wastegate Elbow - $50+

$3950 just with that, and I'm sure there's a good bit more to this setup that I'm forgetting...

This crap has like 3000 miles on it. Most looks almost brand new.
so ive made my decision and ive decided to finish off the mini me swap and turbo the sucka... for the mini me swap i got:

y8 head - $100
dizzy - $50
socketed p28 -$100
skunk 2 intake mani & cam gear - $ 250 brand new from factory :D
aem fuel rail - $40

already have the plugs and wires dilio

turbo set up so far is:

got the ct25 with dp - $200
450cc inj - $50
31" fmic - $130
greddy mani - $ 130 shipped

i need to get oil lines a bov and some IC piping!!!! of course a TT and boost controller, but first things first i need to chip the ecu which im totally lost on right now and i need to tune the shat! out of it :blink:

i can get the dsm BOV and for 700 i got a complete turbo kit or i can get the ssqv which is just awesome and id be at like 825

not bad though 700 full turbo kit mostly new shit

and for 500 +/- i got a mini me swap with a skunk intake mani and a chipped ecu i think i shopped well, i got another 500 to spend and i think ill be set up!


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Sooo... what are you going to tune it with? Uberdata or something?
good friend of mine writes for honda tuning hes a master mind behind tuning he has all the burners and knows how to tune the hell outa hondas (who would have guessd) but hes gonna be doing the whole chipping set up and tuning for me not sure what hes thinking just yet