Supercharge A Ls.

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I have a 91 integra LS and my friend is going to sell a supercharger for my vehicle. Is it a good idea? How fast will it run too?


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if the engine is in good condition and your getting a good price on the SC then go for it .... no way to tell you how fast it will be
with any luck it will be faster than it is now ... beyond that there is no way to tell you


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well a jackson goes for like 2500 or so and a vortech is like 3800-4000 so yeah its pretty cheap. make sure it works.


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Bad idea, chances r ur friend is just tryin to mak money off u or dosent kno anything about boosting cars. Ls has the low end tq that u already want, what u want now is top end power, ie turbo. if u SCed and ls teg if would be so weak at the top of the power band that a turbo ls teg would run circles around u.