surging idle

a friend of mine just bought a 92 h23 lude it started idling funny it goses from 1000 to 2000 up and down consistaly with no change we checked all the vacume lines i think it has a board throttle body thank you for any help you check this out yet??? if not it is going to be a valve i dont know what exactly its called but it is under yout throttle body i believe, my b18a did that and people told me it was that so i took it off three bolts and two small coolant lines, then there are two cross screws ond the valve take them off and in the inside just grab a flat tip and push down on the screw looking thing and tighten it by pushing the white gap to the right. hope this helps


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It sounds like the IACV. On a 92 i BELIEVE it is underneath the throttle body, otherwise check on the backside of the intake manifold. Take it out, let it soak in solvent, move the plunger back and forth a few times, clean the screen and you should be good.


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its the idle controll valve,yes its undernieth the throttle body.there about 18 bucks .if you have a b16 you can get one off of a 1990=1993 integra.i just replaced mine yesterday. for a quick fix loosen those three screws and slide something between them and see if it stops.i used aportion of a bk cup"not recomended" or take the intake off and there should be a hole.turn the car on and plug the hole with your finger just let it idle.if the idle drops to normal,cap off idle control valve with something sturdy,not a cup. i just went through all this crap with in the last week except my car was idling at 3000 and wouldnt stop.