Suspension Bushing Kits

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Well since I'll be changing my shock and spring I figured I mine as well do as much as I can at once so I don't have to take things apart twice.
So do you guys think a bushing kit is worth it I mean it's only $130
replaces front and rear control arm and some other stuff.
it's a prothane kit. I'm also looking at the energy suspension kit to
Get the energy suspension kit instead. Ive ridden in both and liked the energy's better! Yes those are a bitch to put in. Just hope you got a good vise, some elbow grease, and a punch/chissle set! Thats what it took to do one kids car in my club! Don't expect to have them all done in 1-2 days though. It takes time and there are alot of bushings in the kit!