Suspension Q&A's


Ok well, i'm looking to complete my swap soon in my (94 hatch cx) and one of the next things i'm looking to improve upon is my brakes/suspension. I already have the conservative/daily driver tokico blues/h&r springs setup right now, but I need a few questions answered.

1. Is there a real difference between the 3rd gen tegs, and the 5th gen civic suspension. I mean mainly the LCA's, UCA's, etc. I plan on doing the entire brake swap down the line but for right now, I wanted to know if there is a difference between the two. I'm pretty sure I need tie rods and such but I just heard that they are replaced (tie-rods, arms) due to bushings wearing out and such. So I hear about energy suspension bushings and the whole masterkit. So if I just replace all the bushings and ball joints with the ES poly-urethane ones, the old parts will be like brand new? Or, do I need to buy new parts and then install the bushings and stuff? I only ask about the integra suspension because I wanted to know if it was worth installing that kit on the civic suspension or just completely swapping it w/ the teg along with the brakes.

Basically i'm trying to budget my money and get the most bang for the buck, at the same time effectively upgrading things on my civic.


Also, I plan on getting sway/tie bars down the road as well but i've seen pictures of aftermarket LCA's and UCA's on civics. Do they server a greater purpose or are they just for weight reduction?


wait until you do the swap to do the bushings. you have to have the stock bushings pressed out.
90% of it is the same. but a lot of it varies by model.
the ls don't have a sway nor mounts. the gsr has a sway and sway mounts, the itr have different style lcas and a sway mount in a differen't spot than the gsr's.

tie rods are part of your steering rack- not your suspension.

bushings are a bitch, and 95% of the time, require a hydraulic press to get them in without breaking them (you can always cut the old junk out/damage it).

IMO, the most bang for the buck would be a del sol si rear disk setup.

i think that the ES bushings are over-rated. just replace the lca bucsings if they are worn or torn.


Wow, wasn't expecting that. So I can actually replace just the bushings instead of the whole thing? BTW, I think my arms are not that bad, more so my tie rods. I knew the tie-rods aren't part of the suspension but i'm pretty sure they need to be changed.
I was just wondering why shops when replacing tie-rods, they replace the whole metal thing too (inner is it?) when its just the bushing? Same with the arms I guess too. I'm just trying to kill 2 birds with one stone if upgrading/replacing bushings and ball joints will make my suspension/tie-rods like brand new or better instead of getting all new arms and tie-rods. Unless thats what I have to do?

About the teggy lca's and so on, your basically saying the ones with sways (gsr/type r/etc) come with factory mounting points on the arms (for sways)opposed to mine? So if i wanted to use factory sways with my cx suspension, I couldn't do because there are not mounting points on the arms and what not? If thats true, that would probably make sense as to why everyone does suspension swaps.


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yes,honda sells just the bushings.....I had to torch mine out,the press was'nt doin' put the new ones in ok though.