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I live in Miami where it rains alot, and when it does, the streets get flooded at least 4 inches. It got to the point where I couldnt even get home for 45 minutes one night. My cousin has air suspension on his show Accord with like 8 different switches making the car do crazy shit. My question is, if I had a simple setup where I can bring the whole car up and down with one switch, and a small 3 gallon tank of air, would that setup be safe enough to run hard? Is there any other alternative to air suspension, where I don't have to jack up my car everytime it rains? It's just a bitch to drive around in flooded streets and I need do have something done quick. I aslo heard of an air suspension setup safe enough for racing, if anyone knows about this, any help would be great. Thanks.


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Just get coilovers, you don't need to bag the car to get it to raise and lower.

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if your into racing, you dont want an air suspension, as you need a lot of parts that weigh quite a bit..


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I have coilovers, they just take forever to get them back up. It just seems easier to hit a switch. runnin hard on baggies is a no-no?


I've never seen any serious/successful autoX'ers using bags only show guys for the bling effect.

Fact remains that they're heavy and do tend to fail much more than spring/shock (they are more delicate, for lack of a better word). I'm sure there are air companies that make 'racing' systems, although I would be cautious as to how accurate the racing ability of the system actually is. Now if you're just talking about straight line 'strip' racing then they'd obviously be better off than in autoX'ing...

As for your rain situation, that sux, and if air is your only option to not submerge half your car I guess do it :shrug: .
you'll never get real performance out of an air bag setup that you can afford.

there's 100,000 systems that are bad ass.
but your 2k system, is for show cars.

kinda like your ebay coilovers and $5000 ohlins.

if you're less than 4" off the ground, you're too damn low anyway.