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Aite, yeah i know obx sucks ass and is worthless and shit, but im wondering does it matter for struts and braces? cause i can get them real real cheap, and wondering does it matter for those stuff. thx
hmm, how will cheap struts and braces affect ur performance? wouldnt it still be better then stock? sorry im asking all these questions, im a newb at this stuff :(
Depends on what you get. Some of that cheap shit like RActive is poorly made and can break on you. How would you like to go down the road and your shitty RActive coil come out? It could happen. A company isn't going to take the technology and materials and effort to make products that are as good as expensive stuff and sell it cheap.

Like swap bars, for my car (see sig), they have some cheap ones that dont even align up right, they are known for breaking and ripping shit. Of course, they are stiffer than stock, but they suck.

Cheap struts will bounce around, might even increase body roll. Image you out on the highway, doing 75 (it the limit herE) and a gust of wind comes across the highway and your car starts bouncing you losing control? Welp, you totalled your car, could have killed you and someone else, all over saving a few bucks.

IF you purchase cheap stuff and something happens, just remember, its ppl like that that feed cali and other states and some congress people to have "to low" laws and other things.
Originally posted by RS1@Jan 26 2003, 09:52 PM
Do Tenzo R products fall into the crappy section too?

Their seats are uncomfy and are cheap, but if your budget only allows this stuff, then dont allow me to change you. I would just spend my budget and save again.
nah, ur right, i wouldnt want the product to break on me, just wondering which aftermarket struts and braces are cheap and good, thx for the replies
ive personaly seen several shitty brand strut bars bend under pretty light driving... dont waste your money ... save up get good shit... it will save you money in the end ... otherwise youll just be replacing the bullshit you "saved" money on the first time
Yes, there's cheap quality strut bars out there. Especially ebay junk and the ractive bars I've seen up close. But my upper front obx bar is very solid. I'd give anyone here $100 if they could break the strut bar on my car driving it as rough as you want. It made a big difference in cornering, fit perfect, and couldn't be happier.
Don't talk shit on products you've never used yourself.
depending on your car...

oem ITR front upper - 75-85 used
skunk2 rear upper - 135 ish new

if you can't swing that, you are in the wrong hobby i'm afraid :(
as far as braces, as long as they dont break and add stiffness (unlike the very expensive DC sports ones), they are fine.

as for obx struts, (assuming you do not mean coilsprings), the strut's purpose is to dampen the bounce of the springs and cheap ones will probably be ok and better than stock (in terms of heat dissipation/wear), but they might be on the soft side, which means more body roll...but probably still better than stock.

here's some suggestions for good quality inexpensive aftermarket parts:

neuspeed strut bar ($130-$140)
kyb gr-2 gas struts ($50 each)

those parts are excellent quality and will perform good too.
One thing that i have read from many actuall "tuners" like Spoon president and people like that, they say alot of people go ahead and start swaping out stuff that are not as good as the OEM stuff. Yes OBX crap will lower your car but your handling is almost no diffrent form stock and was probally better in stock form. Not to mention quality, obx struts will last you a week before they start to wear out. If your going to replace stuff on your car, have it at or above OEM quality.
not struts.... strut tower bars.... and tie bars was what i ment =X
oh ok. yea, cheap strut tower bars are fine. probably not as stiff/rigid or nice looking as expensive ones, but should still improve your handling. never heard of one breaking before. they are just bars of billet aluminum with big bolts and brackets at the ends, nothing extraordinary.

heres a site where you can read a lot of user reviews on strut bars and other performance parts:
i have a ractive strut tower bar and it works great, its the round style ones not the dc style ones, it is solid as heck, im very pleased with it, it improved my handling quite a bit, and it is hard to bend, my friend paid 130 for his brand name one and if you pull on it it bends so much, my ractive one doesnt move when you pull on it as hard as you can, ive had it for a few weeks now, i guess we'll see if it breaks or wears out

o yea i paid 60 canadian after tax for mine, brand new

get one of these if you want one that looks good and cheap, that i think is good for someone that isnt serious about racing just wants to add a lil tightness to there driving and a lil style under the hood