swap h22a 94 accord 94

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hi guys would need a real good answer to my question. i mount the h22 driver side mount by grinding it a little bit. i mount the passenger side mount (wich is h22) looks good!! so when i get to the front i can't figure wich metal braket(h22 or accord) i have to put on my accord mount. seems like none of the 2 are fitting. if i use the h22 braket i gotta pry hard and it won't fit and the accord metal braket is to far from the engine to bolt it on! and on the rear i got h22 mount with h22 braket is this ok???? wich braket do i gotta use in front and back please someone!!!!
Use an F22A mount on the drivers side. Leave the mounts loose until you have all of the bolts started for all of the mounts.
the only mounts i had change for my 95 accord ex was the driver side that i got from a 94 lude, all other ones stay stock. Now is a good time to put aftermarket mounts newayz.