swap help

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k, i am having problems removing the pin that connects the second shift linkage to the tranny...i think the pin is already mushroomed out so is there another way to remove that shift linkage??? any help would be appreciated...mahalos...
i think the only think you can do is drill out the shop head ( the part that would have been "mushroomed" at the factory ) and then hammer it out with a punch. What transmission are you working on ?
when i pulled my engine and tranny, i just disconnected the shift arm from the shift lever and raised the car up enough for it to clear everything undernieth while i lifted it out.


It isn't easy to get out and it is even harder to get in.You may have to get mean with it.Use a punch pin the same size,as it is hollow and anything smaller will put outward pressure on it making it that much harder to get out the other side.
I know from doing my swap (which I am still working on....damn streetdragz.com!) the pin that connects to the tranny was a bitch to remove. What i did was use one of the bolts from the ac bracket to punch out the pin (i had an extra ac bolt, the one used as a punch will not be useable again!) and had no prob. you can also look for a 10mm punch and tap it out that way. If i am not mistaken, Honda shiflinkage should have a clip around the pin, remove the clip and punch out the pin. it may seem like it is not comming out when you first start tapping....you just have to tap like hell and keep at it, it will come out.
you can just leave it on though. raise your car as high as you can while dropping it in, then as its going in, pull it over to the drivers side lower control arm . then just push it back under the car while the motors coming down. it works, trust me. f#*k the pin!