Swap in an Acura CL

BLacK FirE

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Would it be possible to swap an h22 into a 97 acura cl 2.2? Has anyone ever done it before, or should different options be looked at or just get a new car? Any info and/or links would be a great help.


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I thougth the CL's had 3.2 V6's? If it does you may as well forget it. It would be a waste. Be like everone else and buy a 240 or Evo8 or maybe a WRX.

BLacK FirE

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Not the first generation cl's. They had a 2.2, 2.3 4 cylinder or a 3.0 v6 in them. and an evo 8 or wrx, thats kinda a difference of $24,000. The H22 would be around $2500 and labor isnt a problem. And it's not like he would be buying the car. My friend already has it.


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I've heard of H22 swaps in the 1G CLs, but I've never seen one or really heard that much tech about it. I'm sure it's a pretty easy swap though.