Swap or not to swap?


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Ok guys, heres the deal. I have my 90 GS. 112k on her. stock everything. I just rebuilt my other b18a froma 90LS. the things i did to the b18 i rebuilt-
3angle valve job
Reground all vavles
alll new gaskets and seals all through the motor
new rings
milled the head
Shotpieend rods

Now what i am tryin to decide is obvously 112k is not much at all. shuld I swap it to the one i rebuilt or shuld i leave this one in? im gona boost what ever motor i get in there or have in there. and i need a new clutch eather way... I would really like to drop this new one in to see how she runs.. and if any probs happen as this was my first FULL rebuild. But do u guys think i shuld just wait for this one with 112k to pop?


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do the swap.... turbo the ls and then blow it up.... in the mean time find a b16/18c head and use the other ls block to build an lsv.....at that piont youll have an lst and an lsv.....then buy a lighter car....... and youll be a rock star...lol....good luck....


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good thought... but i dont have that much money to do the lsv. i totaly thought bout it tho. and i wana keep this teg for a while. i have had 3 diffrent cars in 2004 and i wana hold onto this teg for a while. its real nice -Loaded everything. i only wana get into the high 13s.. nothin crazy.


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id say drop the rebuilt one in there turbo that and while you driving that build the other as a spair and if you need quick money sell it as a rebuild motor then you wouldnt need to worry about popping