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the 'b8 is OUT!


b16 is IN!



external map sensor. anyone know what the units came standard on?


fuck this thing


look how much bigger the teg intake is compared to the cx's


it was aroung 35-40 degrees the weekend i took the old motor out, so i had the long johns on. it sucked. my dad couldnt understand why i would want to replace a perfectly good engine.

some advice:
-cap the coolant lines before you pull the engine, that shit pours everywhere.
-to take the axles off, its easier to remove the bottom lower ball joint from the spindle rather than the top.
-dont yell at your brother in frustration.

i cant think of anything else. id like to thank chet for answering my questions.
yea i cranked it up sunday. it runs great, just needs a little valve adjustment. it pulls really hard, and now with the lsd tranny, i can do TWO wheel burnouts. the shitty thing is the cx exhaust is still on there. i have to wait till i get it back to austin to get one made.
just run an open header for the time being. that cx exhaust is chocking your motor and leading it to blow up :) j/k put seriously- un blot that shit. who cares if its loud
its not bolted on, i just kinda lined it up and let the pressure from the hangers hold it on. and theres no cat because the cx's was on the manifold. the exhaust actually lined up well, i could use the cx's pipes id just have to get it flanged. but fuck that.

and apparently there are ricers in japan. my damn wire cover was painted black. what the hell man.

and i would also like to add FUCK WIRING.
man, i drove around one day with an open header, it is loud as shit! and when going down a hill in gear, it just sounds nasty!!! but, bring that bitch up to 8K rpms with the open header, sounds like you're in a freakin racecar, hehe.
its a 5 million series b16a from an SiRII civic.

that header's the shit. i wish i had the money but between the engine, tuition, and rent im cleaned the fuck out. i can get brand new body parts cheap, so maybe we can work something out, lol. or maybe you can sponsor me. i start solo 2 next month. or maybe you can give it to me for free and the smile on my face will be payment enough, j/k. :D
your making me want a swap badly :( you said you can get body parts cheap.... how cheap?