swap problems

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hey everyone i just completed dropin the engin trany and ecu from a 93 ex into a 92 lx when i went to start it it idles very low and rough if ya give it gas it dosent seem to be geting any at all and it sounds like it has a mis every thing is hooked up rite the only difrance i saw was the map sensor plugin was on the engin side of the wireing harness insted of the plugin next to the fuel filter any ideas?
found the problem today engin is runin broken spindel replaced and catback exaust installed weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) anyway the plugs where the problem 2 where shot . now i am savin for the b16b and turbo and dropin the original 1.5 into my friends 91 hatchback thanks for the help


dont turbo a b16b man, that is for NA, if you want to boost a b16, just get a b16a and put your savings towards building it for turbo