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Alright everyone, if you've been keeping up then you know my situation but for those of you who don't, let me break it down for ya:

Started a b16a1 swap into my 93 EX on Dec. 28, 2002. Took all of 2 hours to get the D16Z6 out and then prepped the bay to drop in the b16...

Used the z6 wiring harness and spliced in everything to get the motor to work and then plugged everything in. Chipped the p28 so it would better handle the b16 and add a little more power.

For those who don't know the car is an [/B]automatic[/B]...that's right, a slushbox...I know it sucks, but I'm on an extremely tight budget and it was cheaper than converting the car over to a manual...at least for the moment.
With that in mind, we bolted a 97 Teg LS tranny to the motor and dropped it in.....
Found out very quickly that there were probs....1. the car would turn over all day, and even fire if starting fluid was added...I'm guessing this is a dist. prob but haven't nailed it yet. 2. I was told the wrong axles and inter. shaft to use but I've for the most part fixed that but I can't get the pass. side shaft in all the way so either it's the wrong shaft or it's just not seated all the way. 3. The shift linkage going to the tranny is too long so I don't think it's going to work but it's too long inside the trannywhere it connects up to the tranny itself-for those of you driving autos ya know what I'm talking about. 4. There's probably shit I can't remember that's wrong but I just can't think of it right now...

Anyways, I called a couple of shops in the area because I'm closing on a house tomorrow and will be cleaning/moving/etc. and between that, school, and work I have NO time and I need my car.
Shop 1-small shop but they've done some good work-they say they can get it running for under a grand and that it needs a new dist. and some other things
Shop 2-big shop out of St. Louis-they're at all the shows and build some killer cars. Talked to a guy there that says if my motor, tranny, ecu, car combo is completed correctly it will be only the 3rd in the US to be done. Also says the first was done in FL and that he was the second to do it only with the help of the guy in FL who did the first one. Says my dist. is wrong, my tranny will have to have be wired for a tranny control module, and basically he wants to rewire everything to know it's done right. He also said when he did the swap on a Del Sol last yr he swore he'd never do it again because it took 6 months to complete but said since I'm in a bind he'd figure up a cost and get back to me--that was 3 days ago.

So with this I can't decide whether to go with shop 1 and pray they know what they're doing or go with shop 2 and have a sore ass for the next yr, but get my car back. OR, say screw it, cut my losses and find someone willing to finish the project and try to get enough money out of the deal to buy a car with?.....

Lemme know what you guys think because I'm just about at my wit's end with it....it's killing me to see it sitting in the driveway everyday and I just don't know what to do....

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I'm not using the stock b16 dist or injectors.....I think, and this is a guess, that the dist. is a gsr...I know it's a teg, just don't know if it's an ls or gsr.

The injectors are prelude injectors I believe....the b16's were only 2 ohm resistance and I needed 12 ohm so had to go with lude's.....

Don't quote me on this though, my brother handled alot of that part of the swap as he's got and Electrical Engineering degree. He was and still is an integral part of this swap and I never would've gotten this far without him and I'm sure we could finish it but he's in Georgia and I'm in St. Louis with the car...


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yea ummm, youll need a dist from a obdI b series motor. and i was informed recently on this board that you can use your old injectors. as far as your transmission, i have no idea how to hook it up but you will need an ecu from an automatic car. usually when your get your ecu 'chipped' they remove this part of the ecu. try and find a stock p28 automatic ecu. this will run the car if everything is hooked up right.

and what did you have to 'splice' in?


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I understand the OBDI dist. thing, which I could very well have but I'm not sure...I'd have to talk to the bro and find out exactly what's on there.....

Didn't know about the injectors though...are ya sure they'll work? Which injectors are ya talkin' about, the b16 injectors or my z6 injectors?

With the tranny I have no idea...there are a couple of grey plugs on the get tranny which I have no leads to plug in to....didn't have them on the z6 and they weren't part of the b16 harness.....gotta feeling that's gonna be my biggest headache.

Here's one though: I can't get the tranny side mount to line up, either....any ideas?


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yea your z6 injectors will work. make sure you get new seals though.

maybe you should have gotten a tranny from an obdI teg. im not familiar with autos but you should do some research on it.

which mounts are you using? the ones that came with your motor?


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Talked to my bro today....the drivers mount, rear mount, and front passenger mount all came from an OBDI teg ls.....same goes for the dist. and the injectors.....this should all be correct so for the life of me I can't figure out why it's not starting.....

You might be right on the tranny, though....maybe I should try a tranny from the same car......


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also, aren't chipped P28's for manuals? there is a difference in auto and manual ecu's, i'm not sure how to tell them apart, i know others can... or i think its http://www.hondata.com has some info on how to tell if its an auto or manual ecu.


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what year teg? 92-93 or 94-95. i am pretty sure the mounts are not the same. this might be where your axle problems are coming from also. when you said you had to splice stuff in what were you talking about?