Swap sudgetion's please!


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I have my 90 CRX, had it for a year now. I really want to get it finished this year. I had originaly planned to get a b18c5, which fell through.

Now I am thinking of geting a b18 ls motor, cable tranny. I have the Hasport cable tranny mounts, shift linkage & axle's. I hope to drive it for the summer then send it off, and have it built for turbo.

I'm just wondering if this is a good option, or should I hold off for the better motor. Which means no CRX this summer. Cuz I just bought a 450r "Go Honda" quad, so now I don't have money left for the car.

Any help or other opinions would be appreciated.



i think you will be MORE than satisfied with the LS motor...

stick with that, then you could always do vtec head, and or turbo later on when funds are available...

EDIT: or you could do a mini-me, have vtec, and sell the other parts to me for cheap :lol:


HOw crazy are you going whyen you turbo the ls? If you aren't going big boost just get a zc and boost that. Its similiar power to the ls but will be a lot easier to install, and cost less.


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Depends on how much money you are looking to spend. If you are looking to go cheaper a ZC is great, easy to install, bolts right up. If you have a fat wallet then do a b16 or bigger. For me I didn't want to spend a lot of money but was looking for a little more speed and make a fun to drive car. So I did a ZC swap with a auto to stick conversion. Granted it took me 3 months because I sometimes could only work on it a day or two a week for a limited time. (working retail requires tremendous hours), but it is simple. There are plenty of parts out there for putting a turbo or super in the car.


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I just want a good motor platform to get through the summer, I can get a LS from a wrecker fairly cheap, and have the Hasport mounts, ect... I just dont want to end up buying two motors, because I made a bad choice.

Next winter I plan to go crazy, with the motor. So it can burn some oil, now fo all I care.