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ok guys i think i got it figured out ok i have a 90 dx and i have a D16 .i can still use the harrness in my car now from what i understand the p28 should plug right in .ok i just need to run wires for the resistor box for the injectors run wires for the o2 sensor swap the two wires for the Cylinder position sensor and run a wire for vtec and shazzzzam done right


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If you have a 90 DX built in the US that's never been swapped, you don't have a D16. You have a D15B2 with 2 injectors (DPFI). You need to convert the car to MPFI, then wire for VTEC. Wiring for VTEC is pretty easy, and converting to MPFI isn't much harder- but it is more work than just running wires for the extra two injectors.

You can't just plug a P28 ECU into your harness- the plugs are different. You're going to need to convert your car to OBD1. You can do this yourself, or you can pick up a conversion harness for about $150.

Search "4g DX to ZC" on Google and you'll find the MPFI wiring conversion laid out for you. There's also a nice article written up by one of our members in the engine building forum.