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i have a 2002 lx 5 speed and im planning on doing a engine swap with a RB26 would i need to get mounts for the engine??


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in your other thread, you said you've never done a swap before.

Now, you want to throw an rb26 engine in? If you're being serious, just stop thinking about it right now unless you want to dump 30k into a 2k car and have it be a walking hack job worth 4k when you're done.
Yall be nice you guys know he not only can afford the whole swap but singlehandedly is going to do all the fab to AWD/RWD Inline 6 Swap into the cheapest base model d17 civic of the 00s

LITERALLY NOBODY swaps those cars for a reason and are $1000 my first car specials waiting to grenade a headgasket. Buy another car