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i have a 1998 civic cx hatchback,

im putting a b18b engine in it,

the guy is giving me a 1998 b18b engine, and a tranny and ecu from a b18b 1995.

the ecu and tranny will work just fine in there right???

and also, the engine is from an auto car, but he is giving me a tranny from a different 95 b18b, is there anything else i will need to change to make it a 5 speed?? other then change the tranny??
The ECU is obd1, you need a 96-up LS ECU (a manual ECU that is). The tranny needs to be 5 speed if your car is 5 speed and you need a 5 speed ECU. Also, the auto cams suck, so get some manual cams. They are a little bit better.