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I'm swaping a d16z6 (92-95 civic si) into my 89 crx si (D16A6)before I do will everything from the D16A6 bold onto the D6Z6?
for example distributer,intake manifold,and throttle body also ECU???
also the vtec will It run fine for now using the crx si ecu non vtec till I save more money for a vtec switch?
I already got the motor plan to do it this friday.
Yeh everything will bolt on but for the dist. u gonna have to convert it non obd to obd 1. The v-tec will not work on a pm6 ecu. I wouldn't go with a v-tec rpm activator switch. I'd just get the p28 ecu and just convert it to obd1. Hoped i helped and good luck with the swap :D
i can make u an obd0 to obd1 jumper for the p28, use the z6 manifold and just change injectors....in my setup up im running b16 injecters and b16 fuel regulator (both being obd0) and i am running a chipped obd1 PR3, but i ran a p28 but i sold it recently with a jumper i had made...run ur a6 ecu and just use vtec on a switch, but use the z6 fuel regulator and not the a6....
So everything will work out fine if I just use a vtec switch and all I need to do is replace my injectors with Z6?
also do the Z6 injectors fit over where the A6 is so it's like a switch?
err what I'm asking is after droping the d16Z6 will the car run with everything from a A6 using my stock A6 distributer,throttle body intake manifold and ecu right now I dont need the vtec I just need it to run long enough to get to my garage so I can work on it from their?