Swaping b18c into 94 del sol

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alright im 500 dollars away from buying my gsr motor from h-motors online but i wanted to know if the wiring will be difficult. I read that its basicly blot in with a motor mount kit. Also it is automatic right now and im converting it to manual cause i like the car and dont want to sell it. I bought the whole shifter assembly from honda it cost 492 dollars so all i need is the motor swap. If anybody can answer my questions about the wiring and about converting my car to manual. thanks


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<shakes head>What exactly is the "whole shifter assembly"? You mean the shift rods, transmission, pedal set, resevior, hydraulic lines,? All of it?

You're going to need a custom auto to manual transmission mount, or have to fabricate one of your own. You're going to need all the parts above, and you're going to need to rewire some of the harness so that the lock out will let you start it, and some other stuff on which model DelSol you have, and which B18C you want to get. Is it the GSR B18C, or the Integra ITR B18C?