Swaping Heads

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:huh: <span style='font-family:Courier'>Hi i have a (d15b2) 1990 Honda CRX DX 5 speed, my friend has a Vtech head (d16z6) that i can have if i want does anyone know if i can swap that head onto my b15b2 block? if it will work and what i will need to make it work???</span>


i really don't know about that because you need oil line to activate VTEC, plus wiring and all that shit is a headache.....


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i see he said something abouti might need a new belt for the cam and he gave me a ecu for a 92-95 civic ex
im hopin that will work lol
umm the onlything i did notice was was a random green wire hanging out it looked liek it had been cut its was only about 3inches long he said it had something to do with the vtch or with the oil pump something like that.

but if anyone can help me hes gunna sell me the ecu and head and intake manafold all for 200 bucks. and if i can get it put on it will give em soem easy hp.

but thanks thou im jsut guna do soem research :worthy: