swaping manual to auto trannys....

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Hey, I wanted some guys to help me out on this one..My older brothers car is a 92 hatch with a teggy front end and a GSR motor and LS trans. We now hafta swap out the manual and put an auto trans in for him :( . Can someone help me thru this? What would we all need?? How hard is the wiring? PLEASE help me!!!!

Thanks all,

Virtually impossible without changing every harness in the car. Auto trannies use a lot of wiring. Just giving u friendly advice. You would need a lot of things.
DAMN...because my bother is now paralyized from the chest down from a badddd bike accident and we wanted to make/buy hand controls for his hatch...guess not now....damn thanks guys.....

buy him an auto hatch and swap every thing over there- keep the manuel trans a manuel- keep the auto an auto - ! easiest way


The above is about the easiest way. You could probably pick up and auto GSR or B16A tranny from one of the motor importers online like Hmotorsonline for cheap. Bolt it to the GSR motor and swap it into the auto chassis.