Swapping An Integra Ls Engine Into My Civic Please

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Ok here is the deal guys, I am finally got the engine I am going to swap and the reason why I got it because I got an entire integra that was built engine wise for only $1200, built block and head, etc. etc.

So I want to put this into my 1996 Civic , and here that is not hard to do, Oh by the way the engine is from a 94 Integra LS.

So I hear all the plugs are the same except distributor , needs to be converted to OBD1, and also I was told I needed a Skunk 2 or similar ecu conversion harness, but I was wondering why did I need that harness. If all the plugs are the same and I can run the wiring harness from the engine down to the ECU, instead of using an OBD1 ECU, with the conversion harness, WHY CANT I use an OBD2 ECU from 96+ since it is OBD2 and also since the engines seem to be the same (b18B1) in the 96+ as in the 94, if anyone can help in my dilema I would greatly appreciate it, I really would love to do this swap this weekend, thanks guys


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hey ill reply this is matt and im wondering where my motor is that was supposed to be to me on wednesday you said you were gonna call me back yestreday and never did and i havent got ahold of you all day havent recieved anything yet and you dont answer my calls or return my emails or call me back when u say you will whats going on?