Sweet Datsun 510...

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That is pretty badass. I would rock a 510 but to bad all the ones ive seen in my price range are rusted out. They seem to be a rare breed.
That's clean. Not a fan of that green, and I personally think that the 510 needs a KA24 turbo or an SR20.

And yeah, 510s are pretty much a midwest and southwest thing anymore. They rust out like Z cars.


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i liked it until.....


wtf was he thinking?
i love 510's they look awesome, and that one LOOKS good on the outside, except for that damn filter, plus the engine he chose blows. id rather stick a 3rotor in there.
been there done that.... 2 nights ago I got to ride in a 510 with a ford 2.3 turbo.... HOLY NUTS!!!

I want to turbo a ka and put it in one just to see if itll hold up
That 3.0 sucks monkey balls.total waste of time. They could have at the very least cleaned the engine when it was out. If I had a 510 I would have to put a RB26 in it however since pigs don't fly I'd stick with the next best thing. a GNX510
Originally posted by NissanNiNjA2nd@Aug 27 2005, 02:33 PM
30mpg from a 170hp v6..... yea it blows ass....

get off of your "350z is the best nissan ever" shit stick
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350Z isnt the best nissan ever. I'd give up my 350Z for a mint 240Z with warrenty.

One day If theres any left I'd love to find a 240Z and drop a L28T motor in it.

Notice how I DIDNT say to put a 3.5 in it? 350Z is a great all around car but it shouldnt have anything to do with the 510. the GNX motor would be a much better choice.
once again the GNX has nothing to do with the 350. I'd even put the L28T in the 510 before the 3.5 from the 350.